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A very special message for vaxtremists


Actor Rob Schneider made a commercial for State Farm Insurance. Rob Schneider supports vaccine choice. Yes, he recognises that people should be able to make their own choices when it comes to the use of medical interventions. Did the commercial have anything whatsoever to do with vaccination? No, it didn’t. It was an ad about insurance.


Due to a social media blitz by brainless bleaters and trolling troglodytes, State Farm has caved to pressure and pulled the commercial. The company has kowtowed to flat-earthers.


Dorit Reiss, professional vaccine-pusher, even got in on the act, tweeting to State Farm “Don’t hire anti-vaxer Rob Schneider!”

Unless Dorit is going to personally turn up and wipe the (_!_) of vaccine-injured children, she should pull her head in and LET OTHERS MAKE THEIR OWN CHOICES. To encourage a company to sack someone because of their personal beliefs is utterly pathetic and smacks of desperation. Utterly, utterly, low and incredibly pathetic. Alas, it is exactly the type of behaviour that one can expect from vaxtremists, the classic anti-freedom fearmongers.


This special message goes out to Dorit and other professional vaccine-pushers. And it even goes out to the everyday vaccine-pushers. Those who actually don’t know anything about the subject of vaccination, yet carry on like geese on social media about smallpox, polio and herd immunity.


Actually, before I get to the very special message, here’s a tip – particularly for the everyday vaccine-pushers. This goes out to those who say idiotic things such as “Unvaccinated people should go and live on an island!” or “My vaccinated child got chickenpox from an unvaccinated child!” The minute you start carrying on about smallpox, polio or herd immunity, those of us who have actually managed to inform ourselves on these subjects, know instantly that you know absolutely nothing whatsoever about the subject of vaccination. So unless you want to look like an utter goose, possibly refrain from mentioning those things and perhaps go and do some reading on the subject. Note: the pamphlets that are sent home from school with the kiddies don’t count. For a start, read about the redefinition of polio.


Now, to the point. This very special message goes out to all the vaccine-pushers. Those who wish to take away the freedoms of others. Those vaccine-pushers who never question a thing. There are 200 new vaccines in the pipeline at the moment. Feel free to roll up your sleeve and have each and every one of them – for that is your choice. And I do hope that your employment is never called into question because of your personal beliefs – as Rob Schneider’s was.


To Dorit and all the other vaccine-pushers…..


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