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Chef Pete Evans puts poop in Paleo pudding, says it’s natural


pete evansNo, of course he bloomin’ well doesn’t put it in. Yet, the media is becoming so desperate by the day that it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they next came up with a ridiculous headline like the one above. I’m sure there are some good journalists out there. Unfortunately, some journalists seem intent on putting themselves across in a way that presents as biased, blinkered and thick as pigshi…..ahem….pudding.

Chef Pete Evans has come under increasing fire lately from nitwits. I pity such journalists, in that there can surely be little satisfaction to be gained in knowing that your articles are found valid only by those who don’t have the sense they were born with. The motto of these journalists appears to be “Let the dumbing-down continue!”

Pete Evans has had the “audacity” to promote a Paleo lifestyle, and has been relentlessly attacked in the media for the perfectly dastardly crime of attempting to educate people as to how they can improve their own health. How dare he speak out against the (outdated and woefully incorrect) food pyramid?  How very dare he speak out about the Heart Foundation tick of approval? Never mind that the tick is given to margarine, frozen pizza and other so-called foods that you wouldn’t even feed to a dog. Anyone with even a modicum of common sense finds the Heart Foundation tick of approval to be an utter joke and a scam. As far as I’m concerned, that $hit tick should be given the flick.


One of the more amusing slights against Evans this year came when so-called journalists referred to him as a “fluoride denier”. Hahahahahaha! They called him a fluoride denier, as though it were a bad thing. Apparently, renegade Pete has a “beaming celebrity smile that hides a dirty dental secret”. Hilarious. Oh, yes, those evil fluoride deniers.  We’d better watch out for them and their wicked, wicked ways.


Just yesterday there was another silly article published about Evans. More carrying on about the fact that he doesn’t support fluoridation. The author wasn’t content with trying to discredit Pete Evans. No, a crack was had at Sarah Wilson as well. Her “crime”? Wilson promotes a sugar-free lifestyle and she once dared pass her own opinion on the subject of vaccination. Tch tch. Had better put the boot into her as well. How dare Wilson speak common sense in public. It seems that natural health and natural immunity are NOT allowed. Fluoridation, medication and $hit-for-food are perfectly acceptable, though. In the land of It Must Be Good For Us Because The Government Says So, that is. Otherwise known as Numpty Land. Anyone who wishes to have a go at Sarah Wilson must make sure not to be hypocritical. They must ensure they have every single one of the 271 vaccines that are currently in development. Or every one of them that comes to fruition, at least. Remember, it’s “No Jab, No Play”. *eye roll*


Here’s a special message for those who choose to keep their head in the sand when it comes to such matters: Drink up all the fluoridated water you please. If you choose a known neurotoxin as your thirst-quencher, go for your life. If you choose to believe the myths about water fluoridation, you go right ahead and have your misguided beliefs. Just don’t expect others to lap up the water and the lies. Be aware that every time you speak up in defence of water fluoridation, it becomes evident that you wouldn’t know if your ar$e was on fire. Oh, look! Your ar$e actually is on fire. What an odd coincidence that is. I have some very nice fluoride-free water right here if you’d like to use it to douse your ar$e. A reverse-osmosis filter is a wonderful thing, indeed.


Earlier this year, a well-known Australian magazine published a selection of Pete Evans’ recipes. They were clearly Paleo recipes but weren’t labelled as such. In recent times, this same magazine published an online article indicating that the British Dietetic Association ranked the Paleo diet as the second worst celebrity-endorsed regime, with first place being taken out by Urine Therapy. The Dietitians Association of Australian agreed with this assessment, stating that the BDA had “nailed it”.

Sponsors of The Dietitians Association of Australia just might have their nose out of joint because Evans is speaking the truth about food. I suspect that the truths he shares don’t sit well with particular sponsors of the DAA – for example, Arnotts, Nestle, Dairy Australia, and Grains and Legumes Nutrition Council. It must be a “concern” when a well-known person (with many thousands of followers) advocates a low-carb lifestyle, free from junkfood, dairy and grains.


Fortunately, Evans has managed to maintain a sense of humour, in the face of the constant barrage of trashy articles aimed at discrediting him. He quipped, “I am slightly pissed off by the urine drinkers for taking out first place… Haha! Maybe next year we can beat them to top place, but not at their own game… ewww!”.


Professor Timothy Noakes related a very interesting fact in the brilliant documentary, Cereal Killers. He mentioned that if diabetics switched to a low-carb lifestyle, six pharmaceutical companies would be put out of business, due to the drop in sales of insulin products.


Many in this world have a vested interest in keeping people fat and sick. That is a troubling fact. A chef promoting a healthy lifestyle? That is NOT troubling. Enough with the witch hunt, already. Unless, of course, you (the media) wish to portray yourselves as a bunch of tosspots. Actually, to be honest, you’ve already achieved that.


Meanwhile, as the media have had their toss-a-thon over the last couple of years, those who have eyes to see have clearly noticed a post-Paleo change in Pete Evans’ appearance. He and his family are glowing with health – as are the true-health advocates he surrounds himself with. May they all keep powering on with the wonderful work they are doing.