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Just when I thought Mamamia couldn’t get any lower….

Subtitle: The adversary ovis aries


A couple of days ago, I outlined my opinion that Mamamia had libelled a vaccine-choice advocate.

I also presented evidence to indicate that the advocate’s words were based entirely on good foundation.

In the article, Vaccine-choice advocate libelled by Mamamia? ,  I mentioned the fact that Mamamia censors pertinent information that is provided to them.


Has Mamamia taken a leaf out of GlaxoSmithKline’s honesty policy? (Is GlaxoSmithKline stuck in a pattern of dishonest behaviour?)  See reference here. One thing is a certainty – it has become apparent to many that the Mamamia site is little interested in promoting honest discourse.


It has been drawn to my attention by others that Mamamia is clearly interested in the publication of death threats and defamatory statements


Despite site warning, “If you’re offensive, you’ll be blacklisted and your comment will go to spam”, Mamamia has permitted a death threat against vaccine-choice advocate, Meryl Dorey, to be published. The poster, who comes across as being a particularly troubled individual, wrote:



threat against md - Copy - Copy




This clearly offensive comment is also deemed acceptable by Mamamia:


mamamia7 - Copy - Copy - Copy






In reference to the poster of the latter comment, would that old schoolyard chestnut “It takes one to know one” be relevant? Using my powers of deduction, I would hazard a guess and say that it very likely just may be.


Many people have alerted me to the fact that their perfectly reasonable comments have been censored by Mamamia


To those people who wish to have a comment approved by Mamamia, the way forward is clear. Dumb yourself right down and switch your mind right off. Chant to yourself  “Grey matter? What grey matter?” until it becomes a mantra, and until your critical-thinking skills go completely on vacation. Whatever you do, DO NOT tell the truth in your comments. Heaven forbid, do not attach links to scientific articles. Those will not go down well at all. You will have no hope there. Bleat a bit. No, O.K., bleat a lot. Become a prize bleater. Then, and only then, will you be able to compose a comment deemed worthy of acceptance by Mamamia staff.


I hope those tips will be helpful to folk. Best of luck. I realise it will be difficult for some of you to switch off your awakened mind. You can but try your best. Fingers crossed, eh. May the force be with you.


If you think I was in jest about it being necessary to bleat in order to have a comment approved at Mamamia, this very day on Channel 9, Mia Freedman herself was heard to utter the words “I’m such a sheep”.

Does Mia actually take an interest in the hate-inciting articles her staff write? Is she aware that death threats are being posted in the comments on such articles? If not, she should be. Is she aware that police have advised that such threats should be taken seriously? She should be. Is Mia ashamed of what her site has become? She most certainly should be.

I find it most unfortunate that people put blind faith in a site that promotes particular government-sponsored posts. Yes, the government. The government that once upon a time approved Pluserix for use. This same product, under the name Trivirix, had already been withdrawn from use elsewhere due to causing unacceptably high rates of meningitis. Fabulous.


blind faith





head in the sand