CDC deliberately covered up autism risk


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has deliberately and wilfully concealed from the public the fact that boys who receive the MMR vaccine on time have a 340% increased risk of autism, compared with those receiving it later. No, that wasn’t a mistake – three-hundred and forty percent increased risk.


The CDC has known about this increased risk for the last 13 years. The CDC has deliberately withheld this vital information from a trusting public since 2001. How many children have sustained injury from the MMR in the meantime? How many preventable cases of autism have been diagnosed in that time?


A senior government scientist has now broken 13 years of silence on the fraud perpetuated by the CDC. “I’m completely ashamed of what I did,” he says.


The figures were made public on the 10th of August, and this video was released only hours ago.


I wonder what cock-and-bull story the CDC will manufacture in an attempt to hide their deception. No doubt we can expect to have a fudged, high-profile study released,  showing the opposite of what the scientist revealed. Or we’ll hear another story about Dr Andrew Wakefield, fabricated in an attempt to discredit him. Or there’ll be some new and completely ridiculous Upworthy story that people will share willy-nilly on facebook, whilst having done exactly zero research of their own into any subject related to vaccination. Just keep on parroting the party line, people. The pharmaceutical companies count on you doing just that, and they adore you for it.


As Dr Wakefield says, “You see, vile as the crimes of Stalin, Pol Pot and Hitler were, these men were not hypocrites, their motives ambiguous, or their rhetoric glazed with apparent caring and compassion. These men were not entrusted with the welfare of their victims, their mottos did not include the words “to save lives and protect”. They were not running a mandatory program disguised as caring.”


Does the CDC actually stand for Cunningly Deceptive Con-Artists? There’s little to convince me otherwise.




















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