Man becomes quadriplegic due to whooping cough vaccine


On Monday 2nd June, it was reported on the news that an Australian man had become quadriplegic due to receiving a whooping cough (pertussis) vaccine.


Apparently, a hospital worker informed the man that he would not be allowed to see his newborn baby until after he received the DTP (diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis) vaccine. That point was mentioned here in this June 3rd interview.


Are vaccines mandatory? NO, they ARE NOT.


In my opinion, if any health worker attempts to force or guilt anyone into vaccinating, they should be fired. Fired for their ignorance, at very least.


Decisions about using “unavoidably unsafe” products, are decisions to be made within one’s own family. These are not decisions that should ever be made for a family by other parties. The U.S. Supreme Court has deemed vaccines to be “unavoidably unsafe” so that  pharmaceutical companies can’t be sued, by the way.


Unless health workers are going to personally put up their hand to spend their life volunteering to care for a person who sustains a vaccine injury and wipe their (_!_) for them, they should just shut their trap. Yes, shut your bleeding gobs and stop pushing your religious belief in The Vaccine God on other people.


The fact that the man had to sign a waiver before receiving a vaccine, should be a wake-up call to people.


On one hand, people are given the “safe and effective” spiel.  At the same time it’s “Oh, here, just sign this form because, in case anything goes wrong, we want to cover our backside! – heeeeeeeeeeeeey, you’re on your own with your vaccine injury, buddy! Good luck with that, schweetheart!”


What I find quite interesting about this case of vaccine injury, is that the man stated publicly that it was coming up on two years since he was injured by the whooping cough vaccine. Yet I find that in an article dated May 2012, it clearly indicates that a parliamentary committee already knew by this point in time that vaccinating parents for whooping cough was an ineffective practice.


It is obvious that the parliamentary finding preceded the man receiving his vaccine injury.


So why, then, should anyone be trying to force someone into that shot by telling them they won’t be allowed to see their own child? Who would do that to someone? Is it the United States that we’re living in now? This kind of emotional blackmail is quite common over there, by all accounts.


I actually wrote that snippet about emotional blackmail earlier today. Since then I’ve had it in person from an Australian that their doctor threatened them that if they don’t vaccinate their children, their children might later sue them. How pathetic is that? Threatening parents that their children might sue them. It’s utterly pathetic, low, and it smacks of the kind of desperation that can only come from an unfettered religious belief in vaccine-derived herd immunity. The Vaccine Transfiguration. The kind of woo and wishful thinking that comes from believing that if you click your heels together three times, and then jump down, turn around, pick a bale of cotton, antibody production will actually turn into immunity for eeevvvvvveeeerrryyyyyybooodddyyyyyyy.


By the way, after the parents were told that their own children might later sue them, the parents then asked the doctor if they could sue him if anything went wrong if they were to vaccinate. The doltish doctor proceeded to chuck a full-on tanty and then sacked the family as patients. What an utter tosspot. This incident actually makes me think things not lawful to be uttered. Do, please, believe me when I say I am using restraint in my opinions.



It is well known that being vaccinated for whooping cough does not prevent a person from transmitting it to others. Read here at NSW Health the case of a fully vaccinated nurse who gave whooping cough to four babies.

Pay particular attention to where it states “This investigation highlights the need to maintain awareness, particularly amongst staff working with neonates, that pertussis infection can arise despite complete vaccination“.

It’s not difficult to find many such examples. Anyone can find such articles. The information is there for those who wish to see it.


Advice for those who use emotional blackmail to force others into vaccinating


Stick your needle where the sun don’t shine, baby. Don’t hesitate. Stick it right. in. there. As far as you can get it. And then some. Keep going. Further, please. Right up there. A bit more. And while you’re up there, please remove your own head. Thank you.




head up (_!_)



















P.S. The man who has had his life ruined due to the whooping cough vaccine, is now on the verge of losing his house. His wife has become his carer. They have five children. Take a bow, vaccine-pushing, truth-obscuring tosspots.








3 thoughts on “Man becomes quadriplegic due to whooping cough vaccine

  1. Thanks again for another great piece – I love your style :)
    From the Australian Immunisation Handbook, under the heading “Valid consent” : “It must be given voluntarily in the absence of undue pressure, coercion or manipulation.” It seems healthcare “professionals” could do with a bit more education

  2. A reader sent a private message about this post. I have gained permission to post it publicly.

    Thx, very interesting reading. Reminds me of when my daughter was born & within an hour of her birth a nurse comes in with a loaded needle & says ” Time for baby’s first injection”. What is it I ask- vitamin k, very important, could save her life she says. I’d read about this. & was prepared. I said ” We consent to our baby being given vitamin k but not by injection. Oral only please.” Angry statements followed such as we don’t do that here, it’s unreliable, baby could throw it up, I will not consent to such a practice. I replied with ” I didn’t ask u to consent to anything, u should’ve asked for our consent re the injection but you’ve been negligent in your duty of care by not properly informing us what the medication was, the reasons for using it & what alternatives are open to us & if we give our consent.” She said “How dare u accuse me of doing wrong when all I’m doing is following a well established safe practice in the best interest of ur baby, parents like u ought to be ashamed u r putting ur child at risk”. At this point my temper flared. ” Listen here u blind, intellectual pygmy, Nazi bitch. U have no right to jam a needle in my newborn without my consent, nor to lecture me & my wife on what type of parents u think we are just because we have bothered to inform ourselves about an issue & have chosen a different option to what u offer. We r legally entitled to do so & if u or this hospital refuse us u will see the beginnings of a law suit b4 we check out. If u r so keen on this needle for a baby after the trauma of leaving the womb & the birth experience then I suggest u go flush yourself down the nearest loo then crawl back out. I’ll be waiting with a needle of vitamin k & as u emerge will jam it as far as I can up ur arse & press the plunger all the way. Perhaps then u will reconsider the effect of an unnecessary injection for a new born.” I then added now get the f*ck away from my baby & do not come near her again while we r in this hospital, I’m making a complaint about u immediately. If u try to enter this room again I will call the police & have an AVO taken out against u. She just stood there for 30 secs then I’m sure I heard her mutter ” c*nt” then leave. Ten minutes later we had nurses doctors & admin staff everywhere apologising & our baby got a dose of vitamin k orally. A minor victory only I guess but so traumatic to achieve. In a way don’t entirely blame nurse- clearly a well intentioned sheep – but I just couldn’t believe she assumed we would accept what she was going to do without even a token effort to gain consent!

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