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Vaccine promoter has shares in GSK


Well, well, well. Just when you think the vaccine-pushers couldn’t get any lower….

This post could almost be considered a postscript to my previous one, A very special message for vaxtremists.

In that post I mentioned vaccine promoter, Dorit Reiss. If there’s a conversation about vaccination online, Dorit has her nose in it. She will do anything to promote vaccines, even down to telling people that she, herself, is considering taking a cervical cancer vaccine. Even though, wait for it, there is no point in giving such a vaccine to a person after they’ve become sexually active. Considering the fact that she has already given birth and, to my knowledge, not been lauded as the next Virgin Mary, I think we can safely assume that she’s done the business. Anyone who has done even the most cursory reading about Gardasil or Cervarix, understands that there is no point in giving the vaccine to a person once they’ve become sexually active and presumably become exposed to HPV types 16 and 18. As Dorit has read up about vaccination, what can one assume other than that she’s being disingenuous in telling people she’s considering having the vaccine?


In a previous post about Gardasil, Dr Diane Harper, the principal investigator in the Gardasil trials, was quoted “…the same women could choose a lifetime of Pap screening and be afforded the same protection against cervical cancer as they would get from vaccination”. Dr Harper also made the point that, unlike cervical cancer vaccines, “Pap smears have never killed anyone”.


It turns out that Dorit, the vaccine pusher, has shares in GlaxoSmithKline. This fact can be seen if one scrolls through the beginning of the contents of this link, after clicking download.  Read here and here about GSK corruption. I consider the fact that Dorit has shares in GSK to be a disgraceful conflict of interest for one who is so actively and blatantly trawling all over the internet, pushing people to having vaccines. Dorit also actively encouraged State Farm insurance not to employ Rob Schneider because of Rob’s personal views on the subject of vaccination.

Other possible conflicts of interest in relation to Dorit are mentioned here.

Dorit is against individuals using a religious exemption to avoid vaccination. If people like Dorit have their way, those in the U.S. who wish to avoid vaccines containing human diploid cell cultures made from foetuses (WI-38 and MRC-5 cell cultures), would be mandated to have them. In my opinion, anyone who tries to take away the rights of others in this regard is on the wrong path in life. Anyone who has shares in a pharmaceutical company and actively pushes others to use vaccines? I think it’s unconscionable conduct. I think it’s disgusting.

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