Triplets regress into autism on the same day

The triplets had a pneumococcal vaccine at 10am. By noon, Clare had shut down. By 2.00pm, Ritchie shut down. Last was little Robbie.

“They never held hands again. They never looked at each other again. Vaccine injury is real. We were told it was genetic, and then we were told by geneticists that there’s no possible way that three children would shut-off on the same day, that that was absolutely, statistically impossible. Especially being two boys and one girl. So we were also told that we could not sue anyone…we found out seven years after we got the vaccine that it was contaminated.”

See the parents sharing the story of what happened to their triplets, and see the before-and-after photos of the children.

Two year old dies after vaccination




This is Jackson. He was given the MMR, chickenpox vaccine, and the flu shot.

Three hours later, he was pronounced dead.

The autopsy report stated that he died from an anaphylactic reaction to the vaccines.

He was two years and nine months old.




Click here to watch Jackson’s mother explain exactly what happened to her son.



945-million-yen lawsuit filed over cervical cancer vaccines

japanese girls gardasil“Sixty-three young women are seeking a combined 945 million yen ($9 million) in compensation in the first mass lawsuit concerning side effects from cervical cancer vaccines.

The women are suing the central government and pharmaceutical companies GlaxoSmithKline Plc and MSD KK.

The lawsuits were filed July 27 in the district courts at Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka. The plaintiffs are aged between 15 and 22.

The women argue they have suffered health problems, such as pain in various parts of their bodies, difficulty in walking and also impaired eyesight, as a result of taking the vaccines that were meant to prevent cervical cancer.

They were mostly in junior or senior high school when they took the vaccines between July 2010 and July 2013.

The vaccines under question are GSK’s Cervarix, which was approved for domestic use in 2009, and MSD’s Gardasil, which was approved in 2011.”

This quote is from an article written by Seiko Sadakuni and Tomoyo Fukumiya. Read more of the article here .

Two words from Dr Jack Wolfson

dr jack wolfson

“To those medical doctors who called for my license to be revoked, I have two words for you… case dismissed.

Actually I had two other words for you, but children may be reading this post.”

Back in February it was noted here that cardiologist Dr Jack Wolfson was under investigation by the Arizona Medical Board for taking a pro-choice stance when it comes to the subject of vaccination.

Wolfson is of the opinion that “it should be the parents’ decision, it should be their informed consent, they should know the risks and the benefits of any procedure they choose whether it’s cardiology-wise or certainly vaccines.”


Dr Wolfson’s full public statement


To those medical doctors who called for my license to be revoked, I have two words for you… case dismissed.

Actually I had two other words for you, but children may be reading this post.

The Arizona Osteopathic Medical Board briefly reviewed my case and decided that while many people may be against my opinions, some people may be in agreement with me. But it is my First Amendment right to MAKE those statements. Case dismissed.

Some of you may not have heard my story which culminated in 38 complaints to the medical board, so let me recap.

In late January of this year, I was interviewed by NBC regarding cases of the measles virus that appear to have started at Disneyland. Many voiced their displeasure with my television comments. In response, I crafted a blog post on that went viral, viewed by hundreds of thousands and shared all over social media. The article was a scathing condemnation of parents who blindly follow their doctor’s advice, loading up their children with vaccines. Most parents do not question vaccine safety or the benign childhood infections vaccines were designed to prevent. I stand by that post today as much as on the day I crafted it.

The mass circulation of the post led to an appearance on CNN with Erin Burnett. After a lopsided debate in which the deck was stacked against me, the talking-head moron, Burnett, goes off her teleprompter script to announce to the world that she, “Dr. Burnett” did her research. She vaccinated her children. My guess is that she spent her child’s doctor visit texting on her cell phone.

Later that same evening, I let the devil into my house. Her name is Elizabeth Cohen of CNN. After 45 minutes of taping, I unfortunately gave her the sound bite she wanted. The same question was asked over and over. “Could you live with yourself if your child infected another child and that child died?”

My response always started off…” As a father, as a doctor, and as a human being, it pains me to think of any child getting sick. But, I am not going to put my child’s life at risk to theoretically save another child.” In my final moment of frustration, I gave her the sound bite she craved, as a vampire would lust for blood.

I also stated that the immuno-compromised child in the discussion likely got cancer from a vaccine onslaught. Formaldehyde, a component of vaccines, has been linked with leukemia, the exact cancer that afflicted the child in the story. Again, it pains me that parents are so ignorant as to allow their children to eat, drink, bath, and wear chemicals. But nothing is worse than injecting the poisons directly into the body.

To all the pediatricians in the world, please show me the study that found 69 doses of 16 vaccines do not cause cancer, auto-immune disease, and brain injury.

The number one job of a parent is to protect their children. My wife ate pure organic Paleo while pregnant. We did a home birth, breast fed for three years, and co-sleep with our children. We avoid dangerous household products.

There is no freakin’ way we are injecting them with known carcinogens and immune activators, the exact toxins we spend our lives trying to avoid. After all, we are talking about mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, antibiotics, aborted human fetal tissue, animal tissue, ethylene glycol etc. All this to prevent viruses like measles and chicken pox. Chicken pox!

All of my media exposure and comments generated 38 complaints to the Arizona Osteopathic Medical Board and an investigation was opened. Many of those who complained were medical doctors from around the country. None were from patients of mine, of course.

Some of those doctors who complained were fellow D.O. brothers and sisters. They obviously forgot the foundations of osteopathic medicine, created by A.T. Still in the late 1800’s. Still, a contemporary of D.D. Palmer, the founder of chiropractic, recognized that mainstream medicine was using danger treatment modalities such as mercury and arsenic. He denounced the doctors of the time and believed in the innate ability of the body to heal when given the right nutrients and causative factors are removed.

A.T. Still is rolling over in his grave seeing the vast majority of osteopaths for what they are, drug peddlers and wanna-be MD’s.

After CNN, I realized mainstream media is never fair and balanced. They have an agenda to appease their advertising puppeteers. I continued to promote my message on the radio, social media, lectures, and of course, my new book, The Paleo Cardiologist. I have never gone dark as CNN accused me of doing.

Do people really want to live in a country where doctors cannot have opinions outside of those promoted by pharmaceutical companies and the doctors on their payroll? Should doctors like me shut up about pharmaceutical dangers and useless procedures? Do you wish the anti-smoking community had just shut up about the risk of tobacco? Or that leaded gasoline was still in use, or allowed in children’s toys and paint for houses?

I am free to speak my mind and speak the truth, as a doctor, a father, and an American. I urge you and urge all doctors to come out of the shadows and from under the rock where they hide. Open your eyes and open your mouth.

There are hundreds of us out there on the front line defending the sanctity of children. Join us.

In health,
Jack Wolfson DO, FACC – The Paleo Cardiologist

Mike Adams at Natural News has written an excellent piece about Wolfson, entitled “Anti-vaccine witch hunt FAIL: Dr. Jack Wolfson cleared of all charges for exercising his free speech rights on the issue of vaccine risks and the stupidity of blind medical obedience”. Read it here.

Mamamia, here I go again…

rest assured


Ah, and so the media tediously continues on with the blatantly obvious campaign against chef Pete Evans. Now they’ve decided to put the boot into his fiancée, Nicola Robinson, as well. The “crime” of this chef and his partner? Encouraging people to eat real, unprocessed food.

It goes without saying that those at Mamamia would have to get on in the act. They remain true to grubby form.


The grubs at Mamamia are clearly anti-true health. That fact was clearly seen in January when they grubbily rejoiced over the cancellation of Dr Sherri Tenpenny’s tour. Tenpenny intended to speak about the “other” side of the vaccination debate. As we know, that isn’t allowed in this world of science-for-sale. At least not in Australia, where redneck writers whipped up a frenzy over the intended visit of the so-called “dangerous” Dr Tenpenny.

dr tenpenny2


Despite claims to the contrary, Sherri Tenpenny is actually a medical doctor who was director of an emergency department in Ohio for 12 years. She has many years of vaccination research under her belt.
The nongs at Mamamia attempted to push Immigration Minister Peter Dutton to deny Tenpenny’s visa, lest Tenpenny visit Australia and speak the truth.

In the end, Dr Tenpenny cancelled the tour due to the level of hostility directed her way. It truly does make one wonder what the nongs at Mamamia were so afraid of. The fearmongering Stop the AVN were also in on the anti-Tenpenny hysteria. Pathetic.


dr bob searsIn other news, lately we’ve had to endure an utterly ridiculous measles fear campaign. U.S. paediatrician, Dr Bob Sears, was interviewed on the subject of measles. After seeing how his words were cut and twisted he commented, “The media has an agenda”.

In the aftermath of the fear campaign, California is now seeking to take away the rights of citizens as to vaccine choice and is seeking to pass this senate bill.

In the light of this, Dr Sears wrote to the Orange County Register:

“If vaccines were harmless to every single person who received them, then I could understand putting this decision in the hands of our elected officials. But here are two salient facts:

• About 2,000 severe reactions are reported to the CDC each year which result in prolonged hospitalization, permanent disability, or death. Most reactions aren’t even reported, so the true number may be even higher. Yet, because they can’t be proven, the medical community denies that they can happen.

• Over $3 billion have been paid out to victims of vaccine reactions. Not $3 million. Not $30 million. Not even $300 million. But $3 billion. Are we paying that much money to victims of pretend reactions? I think not.

You might think it’s the actual measles outbreak that is responsible for the current political hysteria. But it is not. Instead, it is a carefully crafted opportunistic attempt to overstate what measles could potentially do to our nation. It is what politicians, some media outlets, and some in the medical community are trying to portray measles to be.”


dr jack wolfsonCardiologist Jack Wolfson has come under fire of late for taking a pro-choice stance.

“It should be the parents’ decision, it should be their informed consent, they should know the risks and the benefits of any procedure they choose whether it’s cardiology-wise or certainly vaccines.”

As a result of his public stance on the subject of vaccination, Dr Wolfson is now being investigated by the Arizona Medical Board.

Witch hunt, anyone?



What we need to fear in this world is NOT those who stand up for truth, but those who try to bury it. Those who try to bury the truth are clearly quite low to the ground and prefer to be in the dirt. Yes, they are grubby, indeed.




A very special message for vaxtremists


Actor Rob Schneider made a commercial for State Farm Insurance. Rob Schneider supports vaccine choice. Yes, he recognises that people should be able to make their own choices when it comes to the use of medical interventions. Did the commercial have anything whatsoever to do with vaccination? No, it didn’t. It was an ad about insurance.


Due to a social media blitz by brainless bleaters and trolling troglodytes, State Farm has caved to pressure and pulled the commercial. The company has kowtowed to flat-earthers.


Dorit Reiss, professional vaccine-pusher, even got in on the act, tweeting to State Farm “Don’t hire anti-vaxer Rob Schneider!”

Unless Dorit is going to personally turn up and wipe the (_!_) of vaccine-injured children, she should pull her head in and LET OTHERS MAKE THEIR OWN CHOICES. To encourage a company to sack someone because of their personal beliefs is utterly pathetic and smacks of desperation. Utterly, utterly, low and incredibly pathetic. Alas, it is exactly the type of behaviour that one can expect from vaxtremists, the classic anti-freedom fearmongers.


This special message goes out to Dorit and other professional vaccine-pushers. And it even goes out to the everyday vaccine-pushers. Those who actually don’t know anything about the subject of vaccination, yet carry on like geese on social media about smallpox, polio and herd immunity.


Actually, before I get to the very special message, here’s a tip – particularly for the everyday vaccine-pushers. This goes out to those who say idiotic things such as “Unvaccinated people should go and live on an island!” or “My vaccinated child got chickenpox from an unvaccinated child!” The minute you start carrying on about smallpox, polio or herd immunity, those of us who have actually managed to inform ourselves on these subjects, know instantly that you know absolutely nothing whatsoever about the subject of vaccination. So unless you want to look like an utter goose, possibly refrain from mentioning those things and perhaps go and do some reading on the subject. Note: the pamphlets that are sent home from school with the kiddies don’t count. For a start, read about the redefinition of polio.


Now, to the point. This very special message goes out to all the vaccine-pushers. Those who wish to take away the freedoms of others. Those vaccine-pushers who never question a thing. There are 200 new vaccines in the pipeline at the moment. Feel free to roll up your sleeve and have each and every one of them – for that is your choice. And I do hope that your employment is never called into question because of your personal beliefs – as Rob Schneider’s was.


To Dorit and all the other vaccine-pushers…..


vaccinate this

GlaxoSmithKline bribery case


gskA Chinese court has fined GlaxoSmithKline nearly $500 million for bribery. It would seem that wherever GSK is, there we will also find instances of corruption of the very worst kind.

According to The New York Times, “Chinese authorities accused Glaxo of bribing hospitals and doctors, channeling illicit kickbacks through travel agencies and pharmaceutical industry associations — a scheme that brought the company higher drug prices and illegal revenue of more than $150 million. In a rare move, authorities also prosecuted the foreign-born executive who ran Glaxo’s Chinese unit.

After a one-day trial held in secrecy, the court sentenced Glaxo’s British former country manager, Mark Reilly, and four other company managers to potential prison terms of up to four years. The sentences were suspended, allowing the defendants to avoid incarceration if they stay out of trouble, according to Xinhua. The verdict indicated that Mr. Reilly could be promptly deported. The report said they had pleaded guilty and would not appeal.”


For further details about the case, read the full New York Times article here.


What a pity that the corrupt company managers weren’t sent to prison. It would certainly be nothing less than they deserve. Such people truly are the scum of the earth. GlaxoSmithKline seems to have a penchant for employing the scum of the earth. Funny, that. Surely it could have nothing to do with company practices ;)


Child regresses after vaccination


Take a minute to follow this link to CNN iReport and see the striking difference in behaviour in this child after vaccination. Come up with a feasible explanation in your own mind as to what else could have gone on with this child to cause him to lose eye contact and to start flapping his arms.





Disgraceful drug company tactics


“Pharmaceutical companies wooed academic leaders, ghostwrote articles, suppressed damaging health data and lavished doctors with gifts to make prescribing powerful psychotropic drugs to children a blockbuster profit center, a trail of lawsuits over the past two decades shows,” according to The Denver Post.

Since 2008, pharmaceutical companies have agreed to pay more than $13 billion to resolve U.S. Department of Justice allegations of fraudulent marketing practices. Among the cases:

• Eli Lilly distributed videotapes to doctors titled “The Myth of Diabetes” when marketing its antipsychotic Zyprexa, despite being aware of studies showing those taking the drug had a higher rate of diabetes, government investigators say. The government accused the company of pressing doctors to prescribe Zyprexa to children and collected a $1.4 billion fine.

• Pfizer, which paid a $2.3 billion fine to settle a whistle-blower lawsuit, hired 250 child psychiatrists to help market its antipsychotic Geodon despite there being no approved pediatric use for the drug from the FDA. As part of the settlement, Pfizer denied any wrongdoing.

• AstraZeneca paid a fine of $520 million to resolve allegations that it promoted the antipsychotic Seroquel to treat aggression, sleeplessness, anxiety and depression when the FDA had approved the drug only to treat schizophrenia and, later, bipolar mania. Government investigators said the company targeted child physicians.

• Johnson & Johnson targeted what it called key opinion leaders to help promote the use of anti-psychotic Risperdal in children, the government alleged in another lawsuit that resulted in a $2.2 billion fine to resolve criminal and civil allegations.

Read the full Denver Post article here. It is an excellent piece and mentions GlaxoSmithKline whistleblower, Greg Thorpe.


Pharmaceutical companies truly are the lowest of the low


Meanwhile, on the 2nd of September, GlaxoSmithKline released 45 litres of concentrated live polio virus solution into the water in Belgium. Oh, a round of applause for you, GSK. Well done! Such care and attention shown! Original press release here.

What else could we expect from GSK? It seems that they don’t have the regard for human life that they should.

Back in 2012, the Buenos Aires Herald reported that GlaxoSmithKline Argentina Laboratories Company was fined 400,000 pesos after 14 babies died in illegal vaccine trials. To put that fine in perspective, at this present time, one Australian dollar will buy 7.51 Argentine pesos. In other words, a 400,000 peso fine for 14 lives is nothing! A slap on the wrist, and then it’s business as usual for these apparent low lives. As far as I’m concerned, they are the scum of the earth. There’s little to convince me otherwise.


So let me get this straight. They killed babies in a trial in an attempt to create a product that will go on to injure more people. Brilliant.

drug reps

CDC whistleblower named


Since the article CDC deliberately covered up autism risk was published, there have been further developments to the story.

We now know that the CDC whistleblower is William Thompson. There has been a report that Thompson was seen being escorted from the CDC campus on the 21st of August.







Journalist Celia Farber reported yesterday that the story was briefly posted by CNN, and then pulled.

“CNN is now overtly complicit in the mainstream media blackout of the developing story of CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson, who stepped forward and revealed that he had partaken in cooking data attempting to minimize the truth about the toxicity of the MMR vaccine in infants and the increased risk of developing autism.

As of late last night, the article had 45,232 views, 178 comments, and a staggering 17 thousand shares.

This clearly is what we call “news worthy.”

However,  CNN has now deleted the story.”


Over at Health Impact News they ask the pertinent questions, “Will other researchers who participated in this cover-up also come forward, such as Dr. DeStefano? What about directors at the CDC such as current Dr. Coleen Boyle who has testified under oath that no links between vaccines and autism existed? What about Julie Gerberding who was head of the CDC from 2002 to 2009 before she left to become president of Merck’s Vaccine division, a 5 billion dollar a year operation? How many lives have been ruined due to withholding and covering up this information?”


Dr Andrew Wakefield stated that, as a result of the whistleblower story being posted by the Autism Media Channel, “The Empire strikes back: autism media channel website and email addresses taken down.”


I will be interested to see how the story further unfolds.  Stay tuned. In the meantime, may the force be with you.


darth vaderhead of the cdc