Two year old dies after vaccination




This is Jackson. He was given the MMR, chickenpox vaccine, and the flu shot.

Three hours later, he was pronounced dead.

The autopsy report stated that he died from an anaphylactic reaction to the vaccines.

He was two years and nine months old.




Click here to watch Jackson’s mother explain exactly what happened to her son.



Dr Oz and the case of rampant hypocrisy

Thursday, 19-6-14.


On Tuesday, Dr Oz was hauled before the Subcommittee on Consumer Protection, Product Safety and Insurance.


Oooh, what a very naughty man he’s been. He had the audacity to express his enthusiasm for certain natural health products on his television show. Products such as green coffee beans.


According to CNN, “Oz told the panel that he does use “flowery language” to describe certain products on his show but added he believes in them so much he has given them to his family.”


During the CNN voice-over we hear that “Oz conceded that often times the claims he makes about some products wouldn’t withstand the scrutiny of the Food and Drug Administration.”


Oh, the same Food and Drug Administration that approved Vioxx? Vioxx that killed thousands of people? The same FDA that has first approved every recalled drug? The same FDA that actually deemed Gardasil to be fit for use?  Oh, yes! I have so much faith that the FDA knows what is good for us. Pfffttttttt.



This Harvard University article clearly indicates as to why it may not be the wisest course of action to trust the FDA. Enjoy this excerpt from the article:


“The bar for “safe” is equally low, and over the past 30 years, approved drugs have caused an epidemic of harmful side effects, even when properly prescribed. Every week, about 53,000 excess hospitalizations and about 2400 excess deaths occur in the United States among people taking properly prescribed drugs to be healthier. One in every five drugs approved ends up causing serious harm,1 while one in ten provide substantial benefit compared to existing, established drugs. This is the opposite of what people want or expect from the FDA.

Prescription drugs are the 4th leading cause of death. Deaths and hospitalizations from over-dosing, errors, or recreational drug use would increase this total. American patients also suffer from about 80 million mild side effects a year, such as aches and pains, digestive discomforts, sleepiness or mild dizziness.

The forthcoming article in JLME also presents systematic, quantitative evidence that since the industry started making large contributions to the FDA for reviewing its drugs, as it makes large contributions to Congressmen who have promoted this substitution for publicly funded regulation, the FDA has sped up the review process with the result that drugs approved are significantly more likely to cause serious harm, hospitalizations, and deaths. New FDA policies are likely to increase the epidemic of harms. This will increase costs for insurers but increase revenues for providers.”



Read again these words from the CNN voice-over: “Oz conceded that often times the claims he makes about some products wouldn’t withstand the scrutiny of the Food and Drug Administration”.


The products that Dr Oz was speaking glowingly of on his program don’t actually have to be approved by the FDA, as such products are considered supplements.

As far as I’m concerned, that works in favour of such products, and not against them. Give me green coffee beans over a “safe” FDA-approved product, any day of the week.


I feel that the words “scrutiny of the FDA” are a joke. Do those words belong in a sentence together? Do believe me when I say that I am slighting the FDA and not CNN.


I notice that Dr Oz wasn’t hauled before the Subcommittee on Consumer Protection, Product Safety and Insurance in the wake of his discussing the flu shot on his program - even though the science clearly demonstrates that the flu shot would have to be given to 100 people in order to prevent one  set of influenza symptoms. And bear in mind that the (very optimistic) figure is based on biased pharmaceutical company studies. Anyone can clearly see the truth of the matter when it comes to the flu shot.  See the Cochrane Review of the flu shot here.


Some might remember that Piers Morgan was given a flu shot by Dr Oz on the show and became ill afterwards.


See Dr Oz giving Piers a flu vaccine here:





See Piers here, sick in the wake of his flu shot:





Why wasn’t Dr Oz hauled before the senate for giving flu vaccine advice that isn’t backed up by science?


As far as I’m concerned, the Subcommittee on Consumer Protection, Product Safety and Insurance are a bunch of hypocrites.


dr oz

What do Saba Button and hundreds of dead Irish children have in common?


If you guessed that both were used as guinea pigs for vaccine testing, you would be correct.
They have also both been in the news in the last couple of days.


Saba Button was 11 months old in 2010 when she was given Fluvax, a Commonwealth Serum Laboratories (CSL) product. Fluvax had never been tested in children of her age group. Saba suffered “a hypoxic brain injury, kidney, liver and bone marrow failure. She can now no longer walk and talk and needs round-the-clock care.”


Unfortunately, Saba was not alone in reacting to Fluvax


So many children had adverse reactions, that the Department of Health moved to recall Fluvax and officially ban it from use in children aged under five. The recall came three days after Saba’s life was ruined for all time. The Dept of Health was well aware of problems with the vaccine before Saba’s vaccine-injury.


Unbelievably, the ban didn’t stop this dangerous vaccine from being used. It was reported in November 2013 that there were 43 confirmed notifications of Fluvax being given to children under five, despite it being banned for their age group.


One would wonder how many children were actually given the banned shot, if 43 is the number of confirmed cases.


One of the children accidentally given the banned vaccine was Lachlan Neylan.

Lachlan’s parents, Stacey and Adrian Neylan, related in The Daily Telegraph that “Lachlan’s temperature soared and he began having fits within seven hours of ­receiving the injection. “He just collapsed and started to have seizures,” Mr Neylan said. “Doctors said they thought our son wouldn’t make it through the weekend. It was terrifying.” Mr Neylan said before the injection their son had been a “walking, talking toddler”, but after the injection “he was back to being a three month old; he couldn’t sit, walk, or use his arms”.


The Cochrane Collaboration Review clearly reveals just how ineffective the flu shot is


“There is no evidence that they affect complications, such as pneumonia, or transmission.”

The Cochrane Review, considered the “gold standard”, also indicates that “ In average conditions (partially matching vaccine) 100 people need to be vaccinated to avoid one set of influenza symptoms.”


Let that sink in for a moment. One hundred people need to be vaccinated to avoid one set of influenza symptoms.


The review goes on to state, “Our results may be an optimistic estimate because company-sponsored influenza vaccines trials tend to produce results favorable to their products”. Read the previous and current reviews here.


The brainwashing is so complete today that when people become ill a couple of days after receiving a flu vaccine, they say things such as “Oh, but it would have been worse if I hadn’t had the vaccine”. What utter PIFFLE. In simple terms, in my opinion, the flu vaccine is a joke. Why is the medical community trying to pretend otherwise? Why is there such a “disconnect” between the studies, and the way the flu vaccine is pushed on the public by government and the media?


People want so much to believe what their doctor tells them, that they don’t wish to see the simple fact that they, too, are guinea pigs – “ A Health Department spokeswoman said drug companies were not required to complete clinical trials before supplying new vaccines because there was not enough time between selecting new flu strains and manufacturing the vaccine.”


Let us not forget two year old Ashley Epapara, who died 12 hours after her flu shot. What did she lose her life for?  A vaccine that is known to be ineffective? As with any vaccine, there seems to be a deliberate withholding of information from parents – facts that would allow them to make informed choices about the health of their children. Ashley deserved better, and so did her poor parents. Pharmaceutical  lobbyists have a lot to answer for.


It has come out in the news in the last couple of days that Saba Button’s parents have won their battle to gain compensation


I think this 2012 article goes some way to describing why they were successful. Perhaps the “unavoidably unsafe” product was actually deemed “avoidably unsafe”?  ;)    


“AUSTRALIAN drug giant CSL has admitted its vaccine production methods probably triggered seizures in children, in the first results from its two-year investigation into the Fluvax fits.


But CSL refused to say yesterday if it would pay compensation to the families of children hospitalised after being immunised with Fluvax, which has been banned for pediatric use after sending one in 100 children into febrile fits in 2010.

The preliminary results of CSL’s two-year investigation conclude that its manufacturing methods may have failed to fully split the viruses used to make flu vaccines.

As a result, gene fragments and lipids from “inactivated virus” — as well as “residual whole virus or clusters of both” — may have created higher levels of immune-stimulating hormones, known as cytokines.

“CSL’s method of manufacture preserves more short gene fragments and lipids from the virus than other manufacturers,” the company stated.

The process, combined with the three new strains of seasonal and swine flu virus selected to make the 2010 version of Fluvax, “elicited an excessive immune response in some young children, triggering increased fever and fever-related convulsions”.


Settlement reached


On the 6th June 2014, Perth Now News  reported “In the claim the Button’s alleged Fluvax was defective after testing conducted by the company prior to April 2010 identified fever as a serious side effect of the 2010 batch.

However the company denied liability then filed a cross-claim against the State of WA and the Health Minister. In return the State of WA filed a defence to the cross claim denying any liability.

Settlement was reached between CSL, the State of WA and the family during recent mediation.”


Since writing about the Cochrane Collaboration Review, I have encountered news about a study published in April 2014. The study found that flu vaccines are, indeed, effective for small children. Is it just me, or does anyone else find this absolutely hilarious?


“The study was published April 21 in the journal Pediatrics. The research was funded by the Western Australia Department of Health, and the flu vaccine used in the study were provided by the companies Sanofi-Pasteur and CSL Biotherapies.

Four authors are members of the Vaccine Trials Group, which has received funding from vaccine manufacturers to conduct clinical trials not related to this study.

One of these authors, Peter Richmond, has also served on a CSL Ltd scientific advisory board regarding flu vaccines, received travel funds from Baxter and GlaxoSmithKline, and received research funding from GlaxoSmithKline and CSL Ltd.

A fifth author is director of the Asia-Pacific Alliance for the Control of Influenza and previously the Australian Influenza Specialist Group, both independent, not-for-profit groups that have received funding from pharmaceutical companies. No other possible conflicts of interest were reported.”


One of the authors has served on a CSL board and received funding from CSL? Does this really pass for science today? Are we supposed to buy that? It’s given me a laugh for the day, in any case. Was there actually any hope whatsoever of it not being found effective? I would really like to know.


This article may be of interest to some. It points out that the Federal Government has been accused of making flawed decisions because of its overly “cosy” relationship with flu vaccine manufacturer CSL.


Illegal vaccine trials 


On the 6th of June it was reported that “Scientists secretly vaccinated more than 2,000 children in religious-run homes in suspected illegal drug trials”.


“Old medical records show that 2,051 children and babies in Irish care homes were given a one-shot diphtheria vaccine for international drugs giant Burroughs Wellcome between 1930 and 1936.

There is no evidence that consent was ever sought, nor any records of how many may have died or suffered debilitating side-effects as a result.”


It would come as no suprise to most that GlaxoSmithKline was formerly known as Burroughs Wellcome. Even back then it appears that they had very questionable motives and methods.


“The scandal was revealed as Irish premier, Enda Kenny, ordered ministers to see whether there are more mass baby graves after the discovery that 800 infants may be buried in a septic tank outside a former mother and baby home in Tuam, Co. Galway.” Michael Dwyer, of Cork University’s School of History, found the child vaccination data by trawling through tens of thousands of medical journal articles and archive files. He discovered that the trials were carried out before the vaccine was made available for commercial use in the UK.

Homes where children were secretly tested included Bessborough, in Co. Cork and Sean Ross Abbey in Roscrea, Co. Tipperary, both of which are at the centre of the mass baby graves scandal.

In case anyone missed the initial reporting of the heartbreaking story of the “mass baby graves scandal”, it was revealed on the 4th of June that 800 bodies of long-dead children were found dumped in a septic tank at a former home for unwed mothers. Locals suspect that the number of bodies in the mass grave, which will likely soon be excavated, may be even higher than 800. “God knows who else is in the grave,” one anonymous source told local media. “It’s been lying there for years, and no one knows the full extent of the total of bodies down there.”


“No one knows the full extent of the total of bodies”


Just as no one knows the full extent of the dumped bodies of those poor children, no one knows the true extent of vaccine-injured children today. And, more to the point, no one wants to know about them. They are dumped in the too-hard basket. Meanwhile, in my opinion, pharmaceutical companies get away with murder. You can take my last sentence in any way you see fit.




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